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AHM Emergency Software Tools


AHM's CAPTURE was developed to address five important emergency response issues:
  • Most organizations significantly underestimate the magnitude, complexity, duration, and success factors associated with the development of preparedness programs
  • Many plans that met federal standards did not always reflect actual response actions
  • Response plans were not always sufficiently coordinated among jurisdictions.
  • Exercises planning was isolated from the planning process.
  • Plans often address only one or two dimensions of a complex response.
The CAPTURE software graphically depicts response activities by organization, response operating system, and notes systematic predecessor and successor activities to ensure realistic response planning to the highest level of detail.  These Response Operating Systems (ROS) were identified by FEMA, but can be altered, added or deleted, to fit the organization's needs.   The response operating systems are (1) Public Protection, Detection and Alarm; (2) Prevention and Deterrence; (3) Emergency Assessment; (4) Emergency Management; (5) Hazard Mitigation; (6) Victim Care; (7) Investigation/Apprehension; and (8) Recovery/Restoration.

The advantages of employing CAPTURE in the Capabilities-based Planning process are…

CAPTURE uses proven war-gaming techniques to efficiently focus subject matter experts and response leadership on content specific scenarios;

CAPTURE builds and leaves behind a carefully documented trail of collaborative work with other jurisdictions - making its outcomes more defensible, justifiable, and sustainable;

CAPTURE provides a visible and easily reviewable graphic displaying all area jurisdiction responses;

CAPTURE uses a specific, scenario-focused forum for cross-functional departments to coordinate their plans and identify gaps in policy, equipment, resources and training;

CAPTURE aids planners with identification of policies and standards needed for planning, training, procurement, and preparedness processes;

CAPTURE aids response planners with identification of needed training and supports the rapid development of objectives for specific training courses.

Capture at work

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