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AHM Emergency Software Tools

AHM's CORA is a quantified operational risk management tool, Cost of Risk Analysis (CORA®).  CORA is a unique, software-based risk management system drawing on three decades of government experience with risk management tools.  An organization can use CORA to estimate the financial impact of alternative security strategies, evaluate the cost-benefit of the insurance program and business resumption plans, and identify both beneficial and non-productive security measures. In this way, an organization can optimize financial performance, and manage its significant risk exposures more confidently. Because CORA "recycles" the efforts of the "risk experts," and uses field personnel to collect data, it is ideal for large organizations with widespread operations.

CORA provides a framework to organize, structure, defend and document risk analysis projects.  It can be a seamless companion to legacy Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS).  It accommodates customized "what-if" scenarios.  CORA makes it easy and inexpensive for a large organization to evaluate the risk exposures of all its operations. It also enables the documentation of its risk management due diligence, which may be of interest to risk transfer underwriters.  CORA provides tools to consolidate the risks of multiple risk "objects" in the context of an income statement and it demonstrates the impact on the "bottom line" when a proposed risk management measure is adopted.


  • replaces guesswork with quantitative analyses;
  • provides a rational, scalable risk management system;
  • makes complex risk modeling feasible through automation;
  • builds a solid, defensible business case for proposed actions;
  • divides labor resulting in time and money saved;
  • provides detailed documentation of analyses;
  • is easy to update analyses in subsequent periods.



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