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All Hazards Management:

Reinventing Emergency Preparedness

“Homeland Insecurity: Six years and billions of dollars later, we’ve got a lot more fear-but maybe not much more safety.”

Stephen Cass
Discover: Science, Technology and the Future, September 2007.

All Hazards Management is committed to Emergency Management 2.0.  Improvement in client operations and expectations will reflect the commitment and leadership applied by client management with All Hazards Management processes and support.

All Hazards Management delivers innovative Emergency Management Planning, Implementation Support and Tools to government and corporate organizations. AHM is a subsidiary of IDEA Inc. (Integrated Design Engineering Analysis), an industry leader providing strategic and tactical programs and processes for Emergency Management.

AHM’s integrated data programs and planning effectiveness stand alone:

  • Performance Management Systems monitor all metrics
  • NIMS and HSPD certified and data integrated
  • Analyses of all critical issues, including mitigation ROI
  • People-centric solutions through data-centric technology

“The only thing more difficult than planning for a crisis is explaining why you didn’t after the event.”

Hon. Michael Chertoff, U.S. Sec. of Homeland Security

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