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AHM Emergency Software Tools

AHM's PREMIS was developed in 2004, PREMIS™ (Proactive Emergency Management Information System) is a meta-base tool and extensive library focused on emergency preparedness planning.  PREMIS is designed to accommodate a rich set of knowledge areas.  It systematically stores operational functions, systems and equipment, facility characteristics, organizational structure, and personnel data.  It organizes and analyzes the information for operational, security, and emergency management strategic and tactical plans development processes.

PREMIS provides an efficient operational and management medium to establish consistent, thorough and high quality planning.  PREMIS helps identify, qualify and quantify jurisdictional processes, facility and system performance, management risks, and security threats and vulnerabilities.  The General Accounting Office (GAO), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and several national laboratories have recognized the value of true dependency analysis.

PREMIS’ powerful data library dramatically strengthens holistic incident planning and management.  The PREMIS software is a tool that extends contingency planning to include crisis control center planning, emergency evacuation planning, business continuity planning, risk management, crisis, and disaster recovery management. It uses an efficient operational and management infrastructure in support of CAPTURE and CORA to provide planning, management and operational decision support criteria.  It can be fully customized to provide a fact-based knowledge base that can be easily upgraded and expanded.  With this knowledge base, the client can prepare a centralized and comprehensive solution to crisis planning and management, thereby reducing crisis planning time and improving response time to a crisis.  The PREMIS program is developed to plan for crises in three phases: risk management; continuity and contingency planning; and exercise or incident management.

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