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Optimizing Emergency Management planning, assessment, readiness and response requires three essentials:

  • Integrated AHM data programs capable of supporting
  • Highly experienced, senior AHM support staff and
  • Client leaders committed to ensuring security and preparedness

AHM’s senior personnel bring solutions to Emergency Management from:

  • Petrochemical industry, airport and transportation
  • Metropolitan, County and State governments
  • Analyses of political, economic and security environments
  • Academic preparation, international diplomatic experience
  • Banking, finance, data replication and security

“The future of Emergency Management lies in clearing our vision to see what needs to be done, combined with the commitment to do it. Tools make the job easier, but human responsibility and the will to execute provide the foundation. We will help any organization reinvent their emergency preparedness to exceed expectations.”

Duane Habeck
CEO, IDEA Inc., All Hazards Management

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